Friday, February 22, 2013

1024 Turnberry Circle FOR SALE!

Looking for a great property in Louisville?
Check out this fantastic 2-story home in Coal Creek Ranch!

3209 total and finished square feet
5 bedrooms, 4 baths
2 car attached garage
Formal living and dining rooms
Eat-in kitchen
Family room with fireplace
Rec room and studio
Professionally finished basement with cast iron gas heater and wet bar
New hardwood floors
Backyard deck
Foothills view from upper bedrooms
Great neighborhood amenities including clubhouse, tennis courts and pool
Monarch schools
Home warranty included


Open House Saturday, February 23, 1-3pm

 If you miss the open house, call me - it won't last long!

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Paying It Forward

Those of you that personally know me and my husband, Dennis, know that community is important to us.  Dennis strives to make his martial arts school, Saeng Myong Martial Arts, an inclusive, accepting environment where all feel comfortable to train, ask questions, and reach out to others.  Five years ago, a couple of our students started the Gratitude Through Giving Scholarship Fund at the do jang.  Over the years, many young people have benefited from the generosity and caring of our student community that sustains the fund.

When I started my real estate business, it was important to me to find ways to give back to the people who trust me with their transactions and the community that allows my business to grow.  I donate 5% of my gross commission to local non-profits, and my clients get to select the charity that benefits.  Some of the recent recipients include Broomfield FISH, the Colorado Autism Society and Toys for Tots.

I believe in demonstrating that we value a person or service by putting in time, effort and resources to whatever degree we are capable.  Thank you to my clients, friends and family who have shown me that they care and believe in me through their business, referrals and love.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Every Picture Tells a Story

We've all heard the phrase, "a picture is worth a thousand words."  Truly, pictures are a universal language, conveying thoughts and emotions without the need for translation.  They can grab our attention, evoke feelings and even inspire us into action.  If they weren't so powerful and effective, corporations around the globe would never spend so much money on their advertising.

As a Colorado real estate agent, I am bound by the rules of the Real Estate Commission, which state that I am not to disparage my fellow agents.  Even if I did not take an oath of ethical behavior to become a Realtor, I would still abide by these rules.  It's just the right thing to do, not to mention how unbecoming it is to trash-talk your colleagues.  So in the spirit of public education, I will just speak in generalities.

Most folks start their home seaches on the internet these days, utilizing sites like Zillow and Trulia.  The first thing they see are photographs of homes for sale, so it's hugely important that the pictures be good quality - more than good, they should be outstanding.  If that first photograph is poor, often the buyer won't even bother to click on a link to see more pictures.  If they do, and all of the other photographs make the property look dumpy, they won't pursue it.

Unless that worker is stuck in the concrete, perhaps there's a better time to take the picture? Good photographers will take pictures at the best time of day for the direction the home is facing.

I am astounded by the number of horrible photographs I continue to see in listings everyday.  It's more than just a couple - its epidemic.  I often wonder how it is that the sellers don't fire their agents, or at least insist they hire a professional photographer to come back and redo the photos.  When I see underexposed and out-of-focus photographs, when no one bothered to pick up the underwear in the middle of the floor, or when there are no accompanying pictures at all, I know that agent is neglecting his duty to his client. 

Proper exposure and composition can make a room go from depressing to inviting.  Most people's rooms don't look like model homes, but there is still a lot an expert can do to maximize what's there.

Maybe that sounds trivial, but it's not.  A seller can spend thousands of dollars readying her home for the market and paying professionals to get it sold - shouldn't she have confidence that her agent is going to do more than spend 5 minutes taking pictures with his phone?  Listing photos should present the property in its absolute best light.  They should be bright, sharp, well-composed, and make the viewer want to see more.  I think these photos speak for themselves (I know, I know, I went and added captions, anyway)!

Maybe the camera had a BluBlocker lens on?  If you can't get a good perspective like the photo on the right, perhaps it's better to not include one at all!

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Friday, February 1, 2013

The Stunted Inventory Blues

Last year, we starting to see multiple offer situations in Louisville, with good properties priced well going under contract in a matter of days.  This followed a swift uptake in activity last January, with anxious buyers looking to take advantage of low interest rates but frustrated by low inventory.  According to the Colorado Association of Realtors Quarterly Market Statistics Report, while more homes sold in the last quarter of 2012 than the same time the previous year, new listings decreased in most parts of the state.  Nationally, inventory at the end of 2012 was more than 21% lower than 2011.

2013 has begun similarly, with buyers who want to purchase still being thwarted by inventory levels.  A typical, healthy market has 5-7 months of inventory; Boulder County is currently at about 3.4.  I've spent quite a bit of time lately seeking out  homeowners who tried to sell in recent years but gave up for various reasons to see if they would be willing to consider selling to my buyers this spring.  I've had some success, but not enough to take care of everyone who needs it, especially those looking to buy in Louisville specifically.

Why the low inventory?  There are several reasons, none of which will be overcome quickly.  Some homeowners are still underwater, meaning they owe more than their house is currently worth.  Unless they have to sell, due to a job change, for instance, these sellers will likely wait until home prices go up.  Unfortunately, if they wait too long they may see their pool of buyers reduced by rising interest rates.

Gentleman, start your engines!
New construction is down.  Housing starts have been at record lows the past few years, but finally saw movement in December, increasing 12% nationwide.  Still, there's an obvious lag time for new construction, and not every development is created the same - many are pushing out into more rural areas.  There is still a lot of demand for more established neighborhoods and downtown areas with walkability, mature landscaping and public transportation hubs.

Banks are implementing new rules when it comes to processing foreclosures, stretching out the timelines for these properties to come back on the market.  Some areas are also seeing an increase in loan modifications, which is good news for the homeowners but again affects the numbers.  Investors are still finding great deals among the short sales and foreclosures and picking them up before some buyers may be able to get their financing in order.  With higher rental rates, many are choosing to keep the properties as rentals instead of flipping them in the short term.

If you happen to be a renter these days and have good credit, you may want to have a conversation with a lender to see if you can qualify to buy instead.  You may be surprised, but you'll want to act soon; small supply will drive housing prices up, and rising interest rates can significantly affect your ability to buy.

image:  RiverRatt3

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