Friday, February 12, 2016

It's Who You Know

A benefit of working with a larger real estate office is the network of professionals that get established. Staufer Team has a resource manual, filled with contractors and resources for everything from carpet cleaning to real estate attorneys, from inspectors to sewer repair companies. Our agents regular weed out the underperformers and add new people with whom they've had a good experience.

When clients begin working with me, I give them access to various service providers that they will need for the homebuying process, starting with mortgage lenders. There are no kick-backs or rewards for me when my clients go with my associates, other than knowing that the transaction will be handled competently. There are real benefits for my clients, though, and while I don't try to talk them out of using their Uncle Willy's old frat buddy, I recommend that they at least give one of my guys a call and compare experiences and rates. 

My lenders, stagers, inspectors, attorneys, accountants, surveyors and insurance agents know that they must do a good job for me to retain my business. They know the state and local laws and tax implications, and how the Colorado homebuying process works. They know that we are tough on vendors who mess up, and they bend over backwards to be communicative and professional. I get fast and straightforward answers, and I can often get special accommodations for tight timelines or unusual requests.

In the end, my clients have the final say on who they hire, but I am proud of the network of professionals that we have built up over the years. Even if you haven't been a client of mine, I'm happy to give you contact information for your next real estate need.

I would love to help you with your real estate journey. 
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Friday, February 5, 2016

Broomfield's Long Awaited Civic Center

When I work with clients moving into the north Denver metro and Boulder areas, I try to give them a flavor of the personalities in the different cities they have to choose from. One significant difference, and one that sometimes is the deal breaker for new residents, is whether or not the city has a downtown area. More and more, it's become important for people to have a place to gather that is pedestrian friendly and offers choices for retail, restaurants and community activities. 

Although the City of Broomfield has it's share of events such as the ever-expanding Broomfield Days and Broomstock, for example, one thing it has lacked is a downtown area. Broomfield can be described as a "bedroom community," where the residents live and sleep but work and play elsewhere. That looks like it will be changing in the near future.

The city has been working on it's vision for the development of a civic center, located at 120th Avenue and Main Street. There are actually two parcels that will be under development. The first is owned by the city already and contains the library, ball fields, courthouse, etc. Just south of this parcel is the commercial area where the Safeway was located not long ago. This parcel is currently privately owned, but the city plans are to acquire and incorporate it into the master design.
One of two proposed design options for both parcels of land

This project is only in the proposal phase with two main design options on the table, created by DTJ Design who has been working with the city for decades. The vision is to create a "Broomfield inspired space," along the lines of Pearl Street in Boulder, or Boulder One Plaza where ice skating and farmers markets are held. The goal is an "interactive and intimate" gathering place, achieved by increasing the density in the area through retail, office and residential products. The first illustration above focuses on a retail core accessed primarily from 120th Avenue, which leads to a central park square. The second design proposal has most of the same overall elements, but includes several smaller gathering areas and green spaces as opposed to one main square. For a more detailed description, you can view the presentation from last February HERE.

Acquiring the old Safeway parcel is what is pausing the project currently. If you'd like updates on this development, click HERE. If you'd just be interested in keeping tabs on the residential building part, shoot me an email and I will gladly keep you in the loop. 

I would love to help you with your real estate journey. 
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