Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

My wish for you this Thanksgiving Day is that you are blessed with a roof over your head, enough food to fill your belly, and the warmth of your loved ones surrounding you.  May you take that feeling with you through the rest of the year, remembering to be grateful everyday, and spread that spirit and generosity everywhere you go.

Thank you to all of you who have supported me personally and professionally this year.  And for those whom I have only just met, I promise to earn the trust you have given me and make you thankful we worked together!

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Seven Sins of Greenwashing

If I get a chance to discuss sustainability options with people, I usually find that they are in favor of making choices that preserve our environment and resources.  They might get excited about products that offer to save them money in the process, but even then they are slow to make a commitment.  Why?  Sometimes, they are victims of greenwashing - when manufacturers make claims about their products that lack verifiable proof of a positive effect on the environment or the wallet.  This can make it hard to know who to trust, resulting in decreased motivation to change.

The following are the "Seven Sins" of greenwashing:
  • Hidden trade-offs - when a product may be considered green in one aspect but other elements of it are not, sometimes with the sum more negative than positive.  For instance, most people have heard that bamboo flooring is an ecologically friendly option to hardwood trees, growing to maturity in as little as three years.  However, depending on where the bamboo is harvested and how much energy it takes to get from the farm to the manufacturer to you, you could lose most or all of the benefits.
  • No proof - a product may boast, say, 90% post-consumer recycled content, but offer no proof of the claim or any way to verify the numbers.
  • Vagueness - product descriptions that just aren't very descriptive.  Claims of "all natural ingredients" just don't tell us very much.  Plus, just because a product is natural doesn't necessarily mean it's healthy - take belladonna, for instance.
  • Irrelevance - some trends take root in an industry and become the norm after a while.  Boasting that a product is "CFC free" doesn't mean much anymore, since the ozone-depleting compound was phased out beginning in 1987.
  • Fibbing - well, this is one is obvious, although I am still surprised anytime I find someone outright lying on labeling.
  • False labels - a product or company may boast an endorsement from some organization that you think you recognize, giving it automatic credibility.  Upon closer examination, the organization only appears to be one with industry standing - perhaps the acronym is a letter different, or the green logo is similar but not the same.
  • Lesser of two evils - implying that applying a green practice to an unhealthy product makes it healthy, like organic beer.
Keeping these tactics in mind can help you navigate through the green marketplace.  Next time I'll share with you some of the organizations and certifications to look for when selecting a sustainable product or company.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Let Me Help You Fight Green Fatigue

Despite how it sounds, green fatigue does not refer to a particular style of clothing, nor does it indicate a distaste for broccoli.  Green fatigue is what many people suffer these days because they are overwhelmed by the amount of green claims by companies and products, and they don't know how to measure or verify the positive effects.  Without reliable, easy-to-understand data, people can be hesitant to make commitments to green products or lifestyle changes.

I, too, was confused and overloaded until I saw the light - a green, softly glowing light, like Oz in the distance.  I've just earned the National Association of REALTORS® GREEN Designation, and I'm excited to begin employing my knowledge to help my clients learn how to integrate sustainability into their real estate decisions and their lives.

Sustainability just means a way of life that allows the current generation to fill its needs without compromising future generations' ability to do the same.  It's about saving money and resources, discovering innovative approaches to energy efficiency, creating healthy indoor and outdoor air quality, developing new green jobs, and ensuring our country's energy independence.  A balance of People, Planet and Prosperity.

It's funny; I've encountered people who roll their eyes at the words "green" or "sustainable," but when you are able to discuss the details and implications of those choices they are usual in agreement with the intentions and results.  I'll be making it a goal of this blog to sift through and discuss the huge amount of choices and information out there, while I learn the best ways to incorporate sustainable practices in my own business and personal life.  More than half of the Millennial Generation (those born between 1981-2000) believe that humans have caused global warming and feel a responsibility to do things differently than previous generations.  Sustainability is not a passing fad, it's what we must learn how to do for our own well-being and success.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

FOR SALE: 208 S. Jefferson Avenue

Brand new listing in Dutch Creek!  Just steps away from Louisville Community Park, half a mile to historic downtown, and backing to public open space and the Coal Creek Trail!

208 S. Jefferson Avenue, Louisville

 New wood floors throughout, wood-burning fireplace in living room, some stainless steel appliances.  Deck and fruit trees in the yard to enjoy the Colorado weather!  Furnace and water heater were just replaced last year, so that's one thing a buyer need not worry about.  Clothes washer and dryer are included.  3 bedrooms and 1 full bath upstairs, listing price is $365,000.  

View from the back deck

Come out and visit me at the Open House Sunday, Nov. 10 from 12-2pm.  Inventory is low - you have to see this rare Dutch Creek property! 

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Staufer Team Has Moved!


After 7 years on Spruce Street, Staufer Team has moved to 932 Main Street.  Just around the corner, in an older building with a charming front porch and a renovated interior.  We're still getting moved in and organized, but we'll be holding a Grand Re-Opening Open House on Saturday, November 16 from 9am-3pm.  If you're in the neighborhood, stop in, say hello and enjoy some refreshments with us.  Pictures to come!

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