Friday, November 17, 2017

Adding Indoor/Outdoor Living Space

Friends of mine recently decided to convert their deck into a back porch to extend their enjoyment of the Colorado seasons. They swapped out the traditional French doors leading to the deck with glass accordian doors. The decking is composite so they don't have to stain or paint it regularly. They closed in the space underneath the deck, even though it is still just dirt with weed cover and gravel, to keep the air there warmer. Heaters mounted high up on a couple of walls do the rest of the job in the coldest months. 

The space is complete with bar, counter lighting, barbecue grill and hood, sink, built in cooler, wine refrigerator, margarita machines, beer and nitrogen taps, popcorn machine, fireplace and two flat-screen TVs. I'm sure I've forgotten something but you get the idea!

Some cities will restrict whether you can completely enclose the space with doors and windows or have to leave it open. Be sure to check your local restrictions and apply for the correct building permits. It may seem like a bit of a pain, but you'll want to make sure the job is done correctly and safely and the city inspectors can give you that peace of mind. Also, if you eventually sell, buyers will be wary of improvements made without permits and you could lose money or even the sale if you haven't followed the proper processes. If you'd like the name of the fantastic contractor that pulled all of this together, let me know!

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